4Passwords Authenticator

Secret Server Requirements

This is the list of requirements your secret server needs to complete, before the 4Passwords Authenticator can be used.

Secret Server Edition

Pro, Premium, Platinum, Enterprise & Enterprise plus
the vault, free and the old standard edition do not have the api feature available.

API Enabled

the api needs to be enabled, as the app communicates exclusively with it.

Personal Folders Enabled

optional, but preffered
Needs to be enabled in order to store personal settings in a secret

Compatible Authenticator Template installed

Seperate Authenticator template is required
the template is highly customizable, but it works with one configured template only.

Autodiscover secret

optional, but preffered
the default Web secret template can function as an autodiscover secret

Account Type / Login Method

AD Login or Local Secret Server Account
Thycotic one accounts (thycotic website) or SAML login to APi is not supported at the moment

Secret Server Hosting

Security Solutions as a service.
Maximize your password security,
Minimize your security risks.