IVT Secure access
The swiss knife of terminals

IVT Secure Access is a multi-session VT220 terminal emulation program that supports multiple sessions in a single window. This in combination with a seamless secured integration with Thycotic Secret server.

Secure auto login

IVT can learn your passwords and type them for you, so you don’t have to re-enter them for every session. Password-less sessions using SSH key pairs and integration with Active Directory (Single Sign-on) is also supported.

Central address book

If you have many hosts (and many users) IVT allows sharing a single address book with all details and properties of the machines. Grouping and searching allows efficient management, even for thousands of hosts.

On-screen drop file transfer

To transfer a files from Windows to the host, simply drop them on the shell-prompt of the IVT session window and they will be transferred to the current directory there.

But what does it actually look like?

    Secret Server Hosting

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