Remote Connection Software

Thycotic Connection Manager

Manage and interact with multiple remote sessions for both Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH in an unified environment.

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Efficiently and securely manage multiple remote connections from a single screen

When configuring remote sessions, you must navigate complex networks, cloud services, and user needs. With multiple sessions active at once, using different connection protocols and a variety of privileged accounts – managing and securing them becomes a challenge. Available on Windows and Mac OS

See how Connection Manager saves time and lowers risk:

  • Remote Access: Launch and configure sessions across multiple environments

  • Session Management: Credentials automatically injected into sessions as needed

  • Centralized Control: Access a single interface to manage and interact with sessions

  • Session Recording: Create an end to end record of privileged user access

  • Tracking and Auditing: Provide an audit trail to demonstrate compliance

Why Connection Manager

Rapid deployment to start. Elastic scalability to grow. Gain visibility across hundreds of different connections in a single location.

From a single interface, access required credentials from the Secret Server vault, on premises or in the cloud. Monitor and record simultaneous remote sessions.

Build by Thycotic to work with Secret server from the ground up, no request goes out without approval from the administrators

Secret Server Hosting

Security Solutions as a service.
Maximize your password security,
Minimize your security risks.