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The Challenge & The Solution

4Passwords supplies a security framework to manage, share, maintain and automate Privileged Account Management. Get control on System & Web Passwords, Service accounts, SSH Keys, System Access, Auditing. Be in control of sensitive data or access to systems for any organisation.

A True Enterprise Privileged Account Management solution
powered by Thycotic Secret Server.

About 4Passwords

4Passwords.com is founded in 2017 by MCCS and MCCS is a Thycotic Certified Partner sinds 2010. After many Secret Server implementations over the years, we recognised that next to providing professional services for on-premise deployments, that there is also need for hosting and a hosted edition of Secret Server.

We developed an AVG/GDPR compliant work method with a redundant datacenter design to host private editions of Secret Server. 
Every client gets their own private web instance, encrypted database and a separately stored encryption key

The 4Password Services with Enterprise hosting & fanatic Support

The 4Password Services with Enterprise hosting & fanatic Support

Thycotic Secret Server, The Software as a Service Edition

Thycotic Secret Server, The Software as a Service Edition

The Connection, Security options and the additional Addon.

The Connection, Security options and the additional Addon.

Flexible, A worry free service

No need to install,  configure or invest in infrastructure and/or software licenses.

Seamless Integration

Convenient integration with one or multiple sites and infrastructure. We can remotely and securely manage the passwords in any infrastructure. Active Directory integration is fully compliant like other integrations as SIEM, VMware, Oracle, SAP and many more.


4Passwords is a Managed Service. We host your Enterprise solution with the desired requirements in SLA, RTO and RPO through private servers and separate encryption. Your 4Passwords instance can be accessed using a variety of secure connection options.

Privileged Account Management

4Passwords enables you to manage, share, maintain and automate your Privileged Account credentials. Control access to systems, service accounts and SSH Keys. 4Passwords makes auditing easy. Privileged users can find, use and share resources without even knowing the password.


Excellent services at honest prices.

Pay as you go

Pricing that’s tailored to your needs, where what you see is what you get. With a yearly subscription and flexible monthly pricing structure.

Automated Security management

Automate the management and security of your enterprise's privileged accounts from a single console, saving you time and money while reducing risk.

POWERED BY Secret Server

The company behind Secret Server, Thycotic,  is one of the industry’s leaders in enterprise privileged account and password management.

Top-level Security

Exceed auditors expectations.

Multiple security features

The essentials for safe Enterprise Password Management, they're all here: AES-256, 2FA, SIEM integration, session monitoring and our unique DoubleLock.


Create, share, and automatically change enterprise passwords. Assign user permissions at any level and track password usage with full audit reports.

Real-time AUDITING

Notify your team in real time when you change passwords. Customize your alerts. Be up-to-date and immediately know when changes are applied.

The implementation plan

Fast, easy and scalable deployment. Implement and finetune as needed.

Over the years we have completed many Secret Server installations and The installation is quick, you are literally up and running within the day.
To complete the implementation, we follow these 5 major milestones. in a secret server implementation 

4Passwords hosting architecture

We host our infrastructure in private EU & US tier 4 datacenters with the highest level of physical security.
Optionally if desired we provide hosting in public clouds like Amazon, Azure & Google.

The hosted edition of Secret Server can be accessed securely with a SSLVPN client, site to site VPN connection (IPSEC) or a direct linkup with our data centers (Interconnect or E-VPN).

Security automation to IT Infrastructure can be realized with the Distributed Engine that communicates across the internet with a single TCP port and authenticates with a private / public key and IP whitelist. A site to site VPN can be added as an extra security layer to extra encrypt communications from and to the clients IT infrastructure and the 4P data centers.

For the Secret Server user, SSH & RDP Proxy tunneling techniques can be used together with the Distributed engine and VPN to allow access to secret server and IT systems securely from the web browser with full auditing & recording

As we host a private Secret Servers, we have setup our IT management in such a way so that our IT engineers never have access to customer data and/or access to client systems. All access to 4Passwords systems are managed by a dedicated Secret Server with full auditing and session recording. Approval for access is always required internally and/or from the client. We work with a 4 eyes principle, so no single person can access the 4Passwords systems, storage, backups or the privately stored customer encryption keys at any time independently.

Secret Server indepth comparison

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