Use Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP)
on and offline

Great news Thycotic Secret Server update intergrates OTP, Use it to its full extend with our 4pa client. We at 4passwords have worked hard to release our latest version of the 4pa client to easily manage all your TOTP that have been saved in the Secret Server.

The 4pa client offers the feature to view them in a online browser or in a local offline client situation,
the offline client encrypts all your TOTP with a custom passphrase you can setup.

What are you waiting for? Use 4pa authenticator now for free!

4Passwords authenticator

The 4Passwords Authenticator is a client-side app that runs exclusively in a client’s browser and computer. The app will never send any data to any other system or website than the configured Secret Server within the app. Once the application is downloaded from either, or your own hosted servers, then the app will receive and send data through the browser app with the configured Thycotic Secret Server and its enabled web services API.

Secret Server Hosting

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