Webinar: Thycotic PAM, it and cyber security

Trust or Zero Trust: Working Remotely and Going Beyond Privileged Access Management

Join us in a free technical webinar packed with valuable cyber security info and excellent training as Randy Franklin Smith and Joseph Carson talk about admin authority, especially in the context of working remotely.

After the education segment of the webinar, Joe will demonstrate how Thycotic combines PAM with least privilege, application control and more.

In many IT environments—even fairly mature ones—once an admin has logged onto a system, they’ve basically got all authority. And that’s a problem. We’ll explore how to deploy additional layers of security and preventative controls that will stay effective even after you’ve allowed a privileged account to log on.

Attacks frequently start with one “low-value” endpoint or user account. But the attacker’s end goal is data exfiltration, extortion or destruction, and gaining privileged access is a means to that end. Kudos to you if you’ve implemented privileged account management. You’re already ahead of many organizations.

Locking down access to privileged accounts that have access to sensitive data via a password vault (like the local Administrator and root, service accounts, domain administrators, CISCO Enable, Application/SaaS Accounts, batch job/scheduled tasks/chron jobs and even normal user accounts) provides a major layer of security around the accounts most targeted by attackers.

But you must go beyond privileged access management, particularly when you have parties working remotely.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • IT Security
  • PAM Experts
  • IT Operations
  • New to PAM

What will I learn?

  • How to limit risk in a preventive way after allowing a privileged account logon. (We cover the 3 areas of post-logon preventive control)
  • Why cyber-attacks continue to occur, and what layers of security can be added to thwart them
  • How to approach zero trust, least privilege and application control
  • What counts as privileged access and how attackers use it to their advantage

Get the answers to these important questions:

  • What are the risks of overprivileged users?
  • What are organizations doing wrong what keeps them at risk?
  • Where is my security once employees remove devices from the workplace?
  • What does an organization look like when it is managing vs. not managing PAM

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