Secret Server Feature

Distributed Engine

Accelerate password changing across unlimited networks and endpoints

Enterprise environments

Enterprise environments have tens of thousands of endpoints and can have high network latency. For a privileged account management tool to be effective, it needs to scale for the enterprise and provide the speed needed to change passwords when you need it, sometimes even immediately.

Manage unlimited networks and endpoints

Thycotic’s Secret Server password management software offers a distributed engine capability that allows unlimited networks and endpoints to be managed across different geographical regions. Using secure network communication, queueing and parallel processing, Secret Server can discover network credentials, verify whether the password you have on file is correct, and automatically change passwords on thousands of accounts in mere minutes.

Scalability and rapid results

Using a combination of Sites and Engines, Secret Server provides scalability and rapid results for some of the largest networks in the world. Sizing guides are available and a Thycotic technical expert can help you understand what is needed for your enterprise network.

Secret Server Hosting

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