Secret Server Feature

Secure your passwords and sensitive data with Secret Server’s DoubleLock

Secure privileged accounts with strong encryption.

Secret Server’s DoubleLock features

Secret Server’s DoubleLock features elevates the security of your sensitive enterprise information to a whole new level.

This feature, which is unique to Secret Server password management software, provides an optional, extra layer of security for passwords and other information.

DoubleLock encrypts Secret data with an additional encryption key that is only accessible with another password that is unique per user, regardless of permissions or physical access to the machine running Secret Server. Private/public key encryption technology enables you to securely share access to the DoubleLock between users.

The benefits of DoubleLock:

  • DoubleLocked Secrets cannot be decrypted even if the server and all its data are compromised.
  • DoubleLocked Secrets cannot be decrypted even when someone is accidentally granted permissions to a Secret based on AD group membership.
  • DoubleLock provides an additional grouping of privilege to grant select individuals access to highly sensitive data.

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