Secret Server Feature


Enforce the ‘Four-Eyes’ principle with Dual Control
Meet regulation requirements and add additional security controls with Dual Control.

The challenge

Some regulations, particularly in Europe, require that in order for sensitive reports or recordings to be viewed there must be two people—or four eyes—present. Having a control in place that can facilitate this requirement can be difficult.

Why it's important

For your organization to leverage the power of Secret Server software (which keeps extensive audit history on potentially sensitive information) you need a dual control feature in place.

How we solve it

Secret Server now comes standard with the Dual Control feature. Approvers for Dual Control are assigned in Secret Server, requiring that approver to insert their password onto the machine before that specific report or recording can be viewed by the user.

Additional Information

Dual Control

This concept is sometimes referred to as a number of different names: Dual Control, Four-Eyes Principle, and Two-Man or Two-Person Principle. The underlying control is that in order to access something it requires two separate people who each hold a different half of the key. Access can only be granted if both halves of the key are used. In terms of Secret Server, these keys are the password for two people: the individual needing to review the report or recording, and the approver with their own password.

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