Secret Server Feature

Folders & Permissions

Organize privileged passwords and credentials securely in Folders


Permissions can be assigned at Folder level to ensure future additions to the folder will inherit the same permissions.

Get Organised

Privileged passwords and other sensitive credentials can (among other things) be organized based on:

  • Customer
  • Geographical location
  • Business unit
  • IT team (e.g. DBS, UNIX, Windows Server)

Secret Server password management software enables you to nest Folders at multiple levels to manage passwords in a structure that suits your organization. This allows multiple IT teams to use the same central vault while having access only to the relevant areas.

Assign permissions at the Folder level to ensure future additions in the Folder will inherit the same permissions. This simplifies access control significantly. In addition to this permissions can be customized for Folders and sub-folders to specify actions for individual Secrets.


Secret Server Hosting

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