Secret Server Feature

IBM z/OS Integration

Protecting your IBM z/OS mainframes with Secret Server
Manage your mainframe access and secure your privileged accounts.

The challenge

Mainframes are among the most critical pieces of infrastructure in enterprises today, processing terabytes of data and transactions. Your administrators need an easy way to manage and protect access to privileged accounts for their mainframes.

Why it's important

Due to the nature of mainframes, a compromised privileged account could provide an unauthorized person with access to a lot of data that is sensitive to the integrity of your organization. Mainframe access is highly coveted by attackers due to the amount of data available for resale.

How we solve it

Secret Server can integrate with TSO commands and RACF, a standard z/OS security application for managing accounts and access. With Secret Server you can manage privileged accounts, rotate passwords, control access and review audit reports, and monitor password integrity.

Additional Information

Set up launchers

In addition to the ability to rotate your passwords with Secret Server, you can also set up launchers into your IBM Mainframes. Coupled with a department security policy that all privileged account access to mainframes be stored in Secret Server, you can have a completely auditable history of every access into your mainframe. Manage all your mainframe connection requirements alongside every other server and endpoint on your network to always ensure the right people have the right access at the right time.

Include Secret Workflow, an access approval and control add-on, and you can grant temporary access to third-party organizations that manage your mainframes for you.

Secret Server Hosting

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