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Role Based Access Control

Control User Rights and Privileges

Enforce least user acces (LUA) and segregation of duties on your privileged accounts.

Giving as few privileges as possibles is by design a great way to enhance data protection and fault tolerance .


The Challenge

Since privileged accounts span multiple IT teams and use cases. This is why there is no way a standardized approach can provide the strict, gradual access required to keep privileged accounts secure, yet at the same time easily accessible to specific users.

Why it's important

Privileged credentials are essential to IT. Permissions and access need to be customized to meet security requirements and to prevent accidental or intentional changes in administrative settings .

How we solve it

Role Based Access Control

This enables IT admins to control what individual users can do within Secret Server.

Preset Roles:

Secret Server password management software ships with out-of-the-box roles to solve common configurations that get you going quickly. Every user and group is assigned one or more roles that define what they are able to do in the system.

Customized access:

Secret Server helps you restrict system access in a controlled manner, allowing the creation of custom roles within the application that correspond to your organization's structure


Additional Information

Role based security

Roles basically are made up of a list of specific permissions granting a user access to different features within the system. If an out-of-the-box role is not a match, it can be modified. If none of the predefined roles are a match to your needs a new role is easily created.




You need a monitoring team to be able to configure event alerts or view usage reports, but they shouldn’t actually have access to the privileged passwords. Within Secret Server you can grant granular access to those users so they only have access to the information they actually need. Later, you can easily revoke that acce

A monitoring team needs to be able to view usage reports, but they shouldn't have actual access to the privileged passwords. Gradual acces can be granted through Secret Server to the monitoring team so it only has access to role specific information. This access can be easily revoked at a later time.

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