Secret Server Feature


Manage, store, generate and rotate your sensitive SSH Keys.

The challenge

While windows machines are constantly the center of security attention, more organizations are deploying Unix machines. The Unix/Linux operating systems are free, and easy to spin up multiple systems for very little cost. In addition, privileged accounts and access to these machines need to be managed.

Why it's important

Unix based accounts have two components that offer potential vulnerabilities to these systems: SSH Keys that are infrequently rotated, and administrative accounts with powerful access to change anything on the system. By offering protection to these two components, you remove them as potential vulnerabilities.

How we solve it

Our Unix Protection add-on comes with two features: SSH Key Management and Privilege Manager for Unix.

Our SSH Key Management feature enables you to store, generate, rotate, and push key pairs for each of your Unix/Linux endpoints. Because these are treated the same as other passwords in Secret Server, you now have additional powerful control such as workflows and audit history of Key usage.

Additional Information

SSH Keys

SSH Keys are largely left unprotected beyond a simple passphrase.

With Secret Server software you can:

  • Generate new SSH Key Pairs
  • Store your SSH Keys in an encrypted vault
  • Rotate your SSH Keys on all of your endpoints that use keys for authentication
  • Audit the ownership and use of all keys across your organization

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