Secret Server Feature


Integrate custom and third party applications with secret server
Make Secret Server part of your application ecosystem wherever privileged passwords are needed by integrating using simple API’s.

The challenge

Many applications require passwords or keys in order to access 3rd party API’s, databases, or external resources. By integrating these applications with the Secret Server API you can avoid built-in application credentials and ensure proper control and management of these accounts.

Why it's important

Automation of complex tasks is crucial for Administrators and DevOps teams to eliminate human error and allow the organization to scale. Any complex automation build out will require access to passwords or keys to call API’s and access data.

How we solve it

You can build out custom workflows using your favorite scripting language with the Secret Server API to eliminate passwords embedded in scripts and build tasks. Secret Server has both SOAP and REST web services API’s, and can be integrated with using any programming language, such as .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, PowerShell, etc.

The API enables different teams to secure their privileged accounts and ensures that all sensitive credentials are stored and managed in Secret Server. DevOps can integrate their provisioning scripts to automatically create Secrets for new accounts. Developers can tie their build and deployment processes to use stored accounts in Secret Server.

Additional Information

Web Services API

What you can do with the Web Services API:

  • Authenticate to Secret Server
  • Search for Secrets
  • Save new Secrets
  • Edit existing Secrets
  • Create Folders
  • Set Permissions on Secrets and Folders
  • And more…

Security in the API

Access Web Service using SSL to ensure the communication channel is secure. Secret Server uses a token-based authentication mechanism which makes Web Service requests easier as the authentication occurs as a separate step, and then the token is passed to each method. This token has a limited lifespan depending on the configuration determined by the administrator of the Secret Server.

Secret Server Hosting

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